Laboratory of Cancer Systems Biology and Pharmacology
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Michigan

Research in the Fallahi Lab combines experimental and data-driven computational approaches to develop a quantitative and system-level understanding of oncogenic signaling and therapeutic mechanisms in human tumors. The lab works at the interface of bioengineering, cancer biology and quantitative pharmacology, and uses a combination of multiplex biochemical measurement, single-cell analysis, and multi-scale and network-level modeling to: (i) decode signaling networks that enforce cancer cell fate decision in response to environmental and therapeutic perturbations and elucidate their differences with healthy cells, (ii) uncover molecular origins of plasticity in cancer cell signaling that underlie heterogeneity in drug response among genetically diverse tumors as well as genetically homogeneous tumor cells, and (iii) develop predictive computational models that guide novel approaches to enhance therapeutic response and overcome drug resistance, a major challenge facing cancer therapy. Our ultimate goal is to help precision medicine in cancer treatment via improving how drugs are used to treat individual cancer patients.